Viewpoint 2019-20

A college education can be transformative. Earning a certificate or degree opens doors to personal and professional opportunities and greater economic and social mobility. By preparing individuals and their families to thrive, higher education helps to build vibrant communities and stronger state economies. For these reasons, College Success Arizona works to expand college access and increase college attainment in our state. We believe that helping more students go to and graduate from college is one of the most important ways we can ensure a bright, prosperous future for all Arizonans.

Vince Roig

Letter from Vince Roig

Chairman of the Board of Directors

The 2019-20 academic year was a remarkable one for College Success Arizona. Remarkable for how we’ve grown and strengthened our ability to support students in our state along their journey to a college education. Remarkable also for the extraordinary challenges presented by the pandemic and its impact on students and families.

Through it all, from the launch of a new college advising program to helping create and administer a pandemic emergency response fund, we’ve held closely to our belief in the power of education and college attainment to enrich the lives of individuals and communities.

As we look ahead to another year, uncertain about how the academic year will look, we are mindful that everything we do is made possible by our partners. Thanks to your support, which hit record levels last year, we are better positioned than ever before to carry out our work and continue to create new opportunities for student success. We are grateful for your support, your partnership, and your shared commitment to Arizona’s students and its future.

Letter from Rich Nickel

President and CEO

Breaking down barriers is what we at College Success Arizona are here to do. In some cases, this means sharing information to enable families to complete the FAFSA. In others it means providing scholarships and advising that help make college a reality for students who otherwise couldn’t enroll, or advocating for policies that increase college access and attainment in Arizona. But, at every level of our work, we are focused on helping students succeed.

When I talk to students and families we serve, and when I see our graduates celebrate their impressive achievements—this spring, it was a Zoom commencement!—I am filled with admiration and a powerful sense that we have a bright future ahead of us in Arizona.

I am also filled with gratitude toward the members of the College Success Arizona family, whose dedication to empowering and supporting students and families never ceases to inspire me. They embody what it means, for our organization and for us as individuals, to believe truly in educational equity and the power of opportunity for students who might not otherwise be able to go to college.

As we were tested this spring like never before, this principle shined brightly through and guided our response to the pandemic. And as we approach the new academic year, and all of its unknowns, it will continue to be the beacon we look to everyday.

Rich Nickel

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